Download Hike v4.9.2 Messenger IPA File For iPhone

Download Hike v4.9.2 Messenger IPA File For iPhone

Hike Messenger IPA App is one of the top messenger using in India and across the borders. From here you can easily download latest version of Hike messenger ipa file for your iPhone or iPad. With this app you can easily share your memorable images, chat with your friends and family and this app also allows you to share your favorite videos with your love ones. From here you have full access to Hike messenger and you can download it by click on download link which is given below. Current version is v4.9.2 and last time it was updated Mar, 2017.

First time hike messenger was introduce on 12 December, 2012 in market. You can install it on any smart phone. Only thing you need is an internet connection means once you connect your iPhone to internet then your Hike messenger become activate and you can start chat, share photos with your friends. This messenger works same like other messengers such as, Facebook messenger, Whats App, Skype, Viber etc. But because of its unique feature Hike is different from other messenger such you can categorize your friends according your wish and put them in separate group and share your personal stuff (videos, documents and images) with them, who you like or who you want to. Within short period of time hike has millions of users and fans because of its uniqueness and support.
Hike messenger app is rich of features and this ipa app is very easily to use, attractive colors (white and blue), clean and modern charming design. You can share your data with those who are circled by you. Because of these amazing features, maximum number of people uses this app and installs it on their iPhone and iPad digital devices to stay in contact with their love ones.
Download Hike IPA

Download Hike Messenger IPA File For iPhone

Hike Messenger For iPhone – Key Features

Here we highlighted core features of Hike messenger and we’ll hope that you are gonna enjoy it. Before you install this app, we suggest, you should read all these features, which are mentioned below here and are as follow:
Core Features:
  • Free to use and download.
  • With this app you can share unlimited number of photos and videos.
  • You can also give your exact location with hike.
  • You can use stickers while chatting with your friends.
  • This app works with all apple devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • This app allows you to send your important files and documents.
  • With this app you can send upto 100mb file without any cost.

So here we have provided updated version of Hike Messenger link below and only thing you need to do is just click on download link and install it on your apple phone. We recommend you should install this app from its official site. But if it not works then you can download it from here, install it on your iPhone and enjoy the Hike Messenger.

Download Link :

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